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ANN Based Voltage Stability Enhancement and Voltage Collapse Reduction in Stressed Multi-Bus Network using Controlled STATCOM E.N. Aneke,I.I. Eneh,J.C. Iyidobi | Download

This study aims to increase voltage stability and reduce voltage collapse in the 44-bus 330KV grid transmission network in Nigeria. The reduced Jacobian matrix, JR, has been decreased, and the modal approach uses steady state mode to determine the smallest eigenvalue and all related eigenvectors.

Segmentation and Classification of Leaf Disease Using Radial Basis Function neural Network T. Vignesh, E.Srie Vidhya Janani | Download

Finding plant leaves is a crucial step in preventing a major outbreak. The automatic diagnosis of plant disease is an important research area. Similar to humans and other animals, plants also experience the negative effects of sickness. These diseases affect the entire plant, including the leaf, stem, fruit, root, and flower.

Privacy Preservation Techniques in Cloud Computing Himani Saini , Gopal Singh | Download

Cloud Computing helps customers to take benefit from the variety of services, such ason-demand self-service, universal network connectivity, risk transfer, a usage-based payment andlocation-independent resource sharing.

Expected Goals Prediction in Football using XGBoost Harish S, Abishek Kevin A, Harsha Vardhan U, Sharon Femi P | Download

Expected goals of a football match determine whether a team have won or lost. When considering the expected goal results, a team may appear to have lost the game but actually win it, and vice versa.

Study on the Effect of Waste Water on the Physical Properties of Cement and Concrete at Fresh Stage Sonali S. Patil, Omkar Bidkar, Nitin More, Shradha Gore, Priyanka Urade, Sharddha Ingale, Prajkta Limkar | Download

Concrete is one of the composite material consisting of Coarse Aggregate, Fine aggregate, cement and water to cement ratio. All the components of the concrete are very important and affect the properties of the concrete at both fresh stage and hardened stage. Fresh properties of the cement and concrete such as setting time, heat of hydration, consistency and soundness.

Personality Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques - A Review Ashutosh Kumar Choudhary, P.Lahari, V.Anusha, V.Devipriya, Y.Shiva Shankar Reddy, P.Sai Diwakar | Download

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, produce enormous amounts of data every second and have emerged drastically over the past 10 years as social network development has accelerated. Important knowledge about social interactions and human behavior is provided by this vast, comprehensive data set.

Utilisation of Waste Plastic Bottles for Manufacturing of Blocks Shrikrishna Gosavia1, Omkar Bidkar, Rajndini Pawar, Rutuja Shirke, Harshda Deshmukh, Ankita Jagdale | Download

Plastic is light weight and resistant material capable of being fabrication in various ways. Nowadays, large number of plastic bottles are wasted and disposed every day. To construct building the plastic bottles are useful. Waste plastic bottles provides thermal comfort while being sustainable.

Performance Evaluation of CBGNR, CBDGR Routing Protocol in WSN Santosh Kumar Yadav, Sanjeev Gangwar | Download

Increasing the throughput of a wireless sensor network is a descriptive term for an efficient routing technique that creates an efficient network. Wireless Sensor Network is used to develop an efficient and authentic wireless network model.

Development of Solar Power Agriculturally Based Fruit Picking Robot Imran Miah, Selim Sultan, Jigdrel Wangchuk, Savitha R | Download

Fruit harvesting has shown to be a substantial obstacle to both market and production during the harvest season. Because hand-picking involves so much labor and time, it is difficult to fully satisfy the urgent demands of each market, especially given the recent human resources and aging issues in agriculture.